Hi, welcome to my ePortfolio!

My name is Meg Palmer, I’m in my second year of the Bachelor of Arts program at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops. I’m working towards going into the education program, and my end goal is to be an elementary school teacher. I am hoping to work with children from grade one to either grade three or four.

Right now, I am enrolled in four courses, math, sociology, English, and history. I am also working part-time off campus. After the winter semester of 2019, I am moving back to the Fraser Valley to complete my schooling. Once it is finished, I am hoping to start my teaching career in either the Okanogan, or in the Toronto Area.

Taking a history course based solely on Canadian history was out of my comfort zone at first, because throughout my previous years in school, I’ve been taught about the American Revolution, or all of the World Wars, or the people that were involved. An example of the leaders that were involved are, Hitler and Stalin. When it comes to switching directions in a historical point of view, it can be tricky. However, after doing the reading assignments that were provided to us, I began to understand and appreciate the history of Pre-Confederation Canada.